Bike to Work

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Friday was National Ride your Bike to Work Day.
Members of BGLOB or Bowling Green League of Bicyclists gathered at Keriakes Park to ride into work.

"A lot of times cyclists don't share responsibility in alerting motorists of what we're doing." Anne Ellis explains how cyclists and motorists go head to head sometimes when sharing the road.

"You point right when going right and left when going left." She also says to make eye contact, let motorists know what you're doing.

Cyclist Tommy Cheatham explains what "lane positioning" is.
"If you ride all the way to right side of road people pass you within 4-5 inches don't give you respect but if you move 2 feet to left they'll give you entire lane when pass."
"I ride where you can see groove on right side of tire."

If not, you could be sideswiped!
In that instance, using a helmet could save your life.
Make sure it fits properly! Experts say you should be able to place two fingers between your chin strap and chin. Also, the "V" of the straps go below your ears, and to make sure your eye brows are exposed but the helmet needs to cover your temples."