Bizarre Metcalfe County Accident Kills Two

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"The first guy they found, they found up here in the ditch and they thought somebody killed him."

Rumors started early Friday morning in Metcalfe County about what could have happened to Phillip England.

"The sheriff's office received a call about a man in a ditch over there. When they responded they found Mr. England. He was transported to TJ Samson Hospital where he was pronounced dead by the coroner."

The autopsy performed on England concluded his injuries were consistent with an automobile accident. There was just one problem, detectives found no evidence of a collision, or of any car during their investigation.

"The automobile wasn't found until Sunday of course at that particular point and time we didn't know. We thought maybe he was walking down the road and got hit by someone."

Sunday afternoon Kentucky State Police went back to Highway 1243. That's when they found a car, hidden by underbrush, and the body of 41-year-old Dwight Fancher.

"Yes. You can see with all this underbrush it would be hard to find it."

Kentucky State Police say that Fancher, the driver of the vehicle, lost control during the curve, over corrected and then went over this embankment, ejecting both men from the vehicle.

Police say England was able to walk two-tenths of a mile away from the wreck and that's where he was found Friday morning. Still confused as to what happened last week, England's sisters came by Monday to put up a cross to remember him by and look for answers to this puzzling ending.

There were beer cans near the site of the wreck; however, police say they will not be able to determine whether alcohol played a role in the accident until the toxicology reports are released.

Visitation for Phillip England is Monday night and Tuesday at Foster Toiler and Curry Funeral Home, in Greensburg. The funeral is Wednesday at 1p.m., with burial at Greensburg Cemetery.

At this time we do not have information on the arrangements for Dwight Fancher.