Lighthouse Academy Graduation

Lighthouse Academy is celebrating five years of graduates.

The school's graduating class started with six students and has grown to 98 students.

The principal, Mark Williams, says part of getting through to his students is letting them know he cares about them.

Williams says: "Unless you deal with what's going on in their outside life, you'll never be able to reach them in here."

Williams says part of the reason Lighthouse is so successful is the computer-based learning system. The students can work on different subjects at their own pace.

Williams says: "It's a computer based curriculum. All of the kids work at their own pace. It gives us the opportunity as a staff on an individual basis. It gives us a chance to build relationships."

The fifth graduating class of Lighthouse Academy will have its commencement on Thursday, May 25 at 6:00 in the Greenwood High Gym.

Kentucky Education Commissioner, Gene Wilhoit, will be in attendance.

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