Edmonson County Storm Damage

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"We just heard that wind get up -- we went to the bathroom."
Danny Carroll says it all happened in about 30 seconds.
Carroll and his wife woke up to a mess in their front yard.
"I do have transportation but can't get out of my driveway."
So he had to borrow a car from family to get his wife to work.
"She had to get ready for work with a flashlight."

Danny is amazed with the extent of the damage ... none hit his house!
"Hey, I'm lucky."
Across the street ... it was much the same story.
Almeta Booker tried to describe the storm.
"I don't know what kind of storm it was."
But it woke the Booker's up in the middle of the night when it knocked their power lines down.
"When it pulled electrical box off , I thought the whole house was gone."
"We don't have telephone either." (Almeta Booker)
And just a few shingles were blown off their roof, but what they're upset about is their yard.
"I work in it everyday, it's my exercise."