KSP Traffic Enforcement

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The Kentucky State Police kicked off the Memorial Day weekend with plenty of people being pulled over and plenty of tickets handed out.

However, the troopers pulling these motorists over weren't the ones clocking the cars driving by.

An unmarked van that appeared to be simply stranded by the side of the road to motorists had troopers with the Kentucky State Police inside clocking cars with a laser gun.

"They'll tell us over the radio what the speed is on a particular vehicle and we chase them down", says KSP Trooper Jeremy Smith.

"We don't do this to decieve them or anything, because there's alot of cars going by that we're not even bothering and we're giving alot of leeway, but once they reach that certain point then they'll get pulled over", says KSP Lieutenant Scottie Ward.

"I personally believe it slows them down at least for now. At least we know we're trying to help people avoid getting in accidents", says Smith.

The troopers were only out for several hours but they ended up giving 128 citations.

They will be out all weekend catching those who are speeding and are reminding you to obey the speed limit when out on the roads.