Gas Prices Affecting Lake?

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Gary Morrison is the owner of Ranger Bob's Bait & Tackle shop at Barren River Lake and says even with the high prices it's still been busy.

"We've had an excellent amount of traffic this weekend on the lake", says Morrison.

Last year gas prices ranged anywhere from $2.10 to $2.15 and this year at the lake the prices are nearly nearly forty cents more, but many boaters don't feel it will impact the amount of people on the lake this weekend."

"I would say it's about the same if not an increase flow of traffic for Memorial Day Weekend", says Peninsula Marina owner Marty Craycroft.

Not everyone agrees. Duane Jones says he comes to the lake every year and was here last year for the Memorial Day holiday.Jjones says compared to last year he notices a difference.

"There's quite a few people out here but i'd say there's less this year than I saw last year. It was packed last year. I don't know if it's the weather but i'd say the gas had alot to do with it", says Jones.

"I think it will have a long term effect over the summer on the number of trips that families make to the lake to play", says Morrison.