Walking for Diabetes

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Studies show walking can cut your risk of death in half.

A walking stick will get you far but not as far as a pair of good boots.
At least that's what Don Duncan says.
"I wear them from the time I get up till the time I go to bed."
They've made quite a pair since he was diagnosed with Diabetes 9 years ago.
"I walk two miles three times a day."
He uses a walking stick ... but not to help him get around.
"I found this on a walk and I take it with me, I thought, it'll keep the dogs off."
He shows us the stick and explains how he put a handle on it.

As Don takes his own dogs for a walk in his red wing boots...
he takes it as an opportunity to pick up trash!

"I've found pocket knives, I've found hammers, wrenches, nuts, bolts, you wouldn't believe where ... in the oddest places! I just keep it all so if anyone needs it I can give it to them. And whatever they don't, I recycle."

He calls it a hobby.

"You won't never find nothin' if you're looking for it."

Even though Don retired years ago, you can say, he still gets paid.

"I count my money that I find on my walk. (Courtney: How much do you make?) About 30-some dollars last year, and I'll count this 4th of July."

Don will be 70 in June and he says he'll spend it like he does everyday.

"I guess I'll walk"

But in between, he'll give the 'ol dogs a short rest, in his favorite spot even though he doesn't do much sitting.

"Them boots are made for walkin'."