Crime Stoppers: Stolen Copper and Barn Arsons

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Three different times over the past three weeks, thieves have stolen copper tubing from the "Chandler Park Apartments" construction site on Chandler Drive off Cave Mill Road in Bowling Green.

The crooks are tearing out the walls and insulation to get to the copper. So far, they've stolen more than $17,000 worth of the metal. Authorities believe the stolen copper is being sold for recycling.

In a separate incident, Kentucky State Police are asking for your help with recent barn fires in Hart County. Bales of hay were set on fire in a barn at 2320 South Jackson Highway in Horse Cave. It was a total loss, with damage to the barn and its contents in excess of $70,000.

Two other barn fires are under investigation, including one on Wickerville Road and one on Bunnell Crossing, just off Kentucky 436 in Hart County.

If you know anything about the copper thefts or the barn arsons, please call "Crime Stoppers" at 781-clue, or click here to go to their website. You could get up to $1,000 for your anonymous tip.

In addition to the "Crime Stoppers" reward, the "Hart County Sheriff's Office" is offering a $5,000 reward.