Transpark Ruling

An on-going court battle that has cost Warren County and Bowling Green taxpayers close to a million dollars, over the last four years, may be a step closer to the end as The Kentucky Transpark wins another battle in court.

Last week the Kentucky Court of Appeals upheld Bowling Green ordinances rezoning both the 236 acres in a second rezoning and 330 acres in a third rezoning.

Jim Hizer, the president of the Kentucky Transpark, says: "Their opposition I think was they don't want the Transpark in that location and the rezoning was not appropriate."

Hizer says having these lawsuits hanging over the Transpark puts it at a disadvantage for recruiting new businesses. He says: "That disadvantage is continuing to erode as the opposition continues to lose in the court system."

Hizer says these lawsuits are not stopping the Transpark; they're simply causing a delay. He says: "That's all they're doing is that they're slowing us down a little bit in our overall development, but ultimately that development will be successful, the South Central Kentucky economy will be successful."

Jim Duffer, the chairman of Warren County Citizens for Managed Growth, says he just received the opinion from his lawyer and hasn't had time to review the decision.

The organization still has the option of filing a petition for rehearing within 20 days, or a motion to review before the Kentucky Supreme Court within 30 days from the date of the decision.

If they don't do that the decision by the Kentucky Court of Appeals will be final and can no longer be appealed.