Pence in Bowling Green

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Pence's resignation from the justice cabinet marks the latest in a number of cabinet secretaries and other top-ranking officials who have left their posts since Fletcher took office. His sudden announcement that he won't run for lieutenant governor has sparked the question of whether pence is planning on running for another office.

Pence says: "I was governor probably a total of 42 hours and we had a growing economy during that time. We remained at peace. You know it was a lot of fun."

Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence jokingly referred to the times during the current administration when he filled in as governor. Now that Pence has announced he won't be running for lieutenant governor again, the waiting and seeing game of whether he has his sights set on the governor's mansion has only just begun.

Kentucky Speaker of the House, Jody Richards, says: "Well, he did not rule it out. And so even though he said he had no plans, he didn't rule it out. So I think we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

During Pence's time in office the Fletcher administration has been plagued by indictments and allegations of illegal hiring practices.

Richards says: "It is interesting and it does show there's some disagreement in priorities or what direction the state is going to go."

Still, Pence says he thinks the Fletcher administration has done a good job. He says he hopes in his last 18 months in office they can focus on more than just the indictments.

Pence says he has enjoyed his time as lieutenant governor and is looking forward to any exciting new opportunities that could be out there. Even he does not completely rule out a gubernatorial run.

Pence says: "A lot of things could change. A lot of opportunities could come up. And I'll keep options open for all of them. So never say never."

Governor Fletcher says Pence made a decision he believes is in his best interest and whether or not one agrees with it is not the issue. Fletcher also says he appreciates Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence's work, especially with regards to narcotics enforcement and sex offender laws.

Pence has served as Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. He will resign from that position effective August 1.