Lt. Governor says he won't step down

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Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence says his office belongs to the people of Kentucky, not Governor Fletcher, and that's why he won't step down.

Fletcher asked Pence to resign yesterday, saying he felt it was in the state's best interest for Pence to leave his post after Pence revealed earlier this week he wouldn't run for re-election with Fletcher next year.

Fletcher said quote said Pence's personal ambition is at odd with his administration, making it impossible for Pence to carry out his duties.

Pence said because the voters elected him to a four-year term and it's his duty to stay on the job.

Pence hasn't said whether his reason to step away from the administration next year is due to Fletcher's on-going legal troubles. The governor is facing three misdemeanor charges alleging his administration gave state jobs to political allies.

Dave Williams, president of the state senate, said he's not worried about the turmoil affecting state Republicans in this year's election. Williams said the party is not involved and this is simply a disagreement between Pence and Fletcher.