Children First: National Infant Immunization Week

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In the first 24 months after a child is born he or she needs more than 80 percent of their vaccinations to protect them from diseases, disabilities, and death. But more than 900,000 children in our country are not receiving those vaccinations. Health officials across the nation are attempting to beat the problem though.

The Barren River Health Department held a birthday party for a group of two year olds at Emmanuel Day Care. It's not because someone is turning a day older though. It's because all of them are up to date with their shots.

It's part of National Infant Immunization Week with area health officials stressing the importance of protecting children from diseases with the appropriate vaccinations. The Health Department says ever since the awareness week started the problem has gotten better. But they say it is still important to keep reminding people about the importance of keeping diseases under control.

For more information on National Infant Immunization Week call the Barren River Health Department at (270) 781-2490 or log onto or