Lexington Man Arrested 1,000 Times

A Lexington man, now famous for how many times he's been arrested, is again making headlines.

Yesterday, Henry Earl answered to a judge on a charge of alcohol intoxication - a crime he's now committed one-thousand times.

Henry Earl is a man well known inside the Fayette County Detention Center and well beyond the walls. He's an internet sensation for the sheer number of times he's been arrestted.
His latest arrest coming last night.

"Mr. Earl, you are before the court on the charge of alcohol intoxication."
"Yes sir."

And while being arraigned, as Earl usually is on his charge, he entered his usual plea.

"How do you wish to plea on this?"
"Guilty your honor."
"Are you sure you want to do that?"
"It's my right."

But this time, unlike the many, many, many times before, Earl was thrown a curveball by Judge Gary Payne.

"For your anniversary we'll give you a thousand days."
Needless to say, the sentenced shocked Earl.

"Do you think that's appropriate?"
"No sir."

"That's a long time."
"That's a lot of time but you can do it."
"No sir, a thousand we'll see you on Thursday."

"You'll see me Thursday. Yea, we'll be counting down the days.'' You'll be down to 998."

If you're wondering what one-thousand arrests on alcohol charges equals, here's a look at Henry Earl's history.

In all, he's spent 4,123 days in jail.

Thirty-five of his 1,000 arrests have been this year alone, landing him behind bars 189 days in 2008 so far.

On average, Earl is out of jail about two days before he lands back behind bars again.

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