Investigation Continues into Woman's Death Outside Franklin Drive-In

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The investigation continues into the death of a Portland, Tennessee woman, killed after falling from a moving car in Franklin.

Friday night, police responded to a call claiming 44-year-old Penny Jacobs of Portland had jumped from a vehicle driven by her husband, 42-year-old Ken Jacobs. Penny was taken to the Medical Center at Franklin where she was pronounced dead at 11:15 p.m. Now, neighbors near the site of the incident are left wanting to know what happened.

"I just heard that a lady fell out of a car or jumped out of the car and she was killed," says area resident Judy Black.

Black says news concerning the death of a woman near her Franklin home has been slow to come to the neighborhood.

"The neighbors just didn't know anything had happened until the next day, and we didn't find out till Monday," she explains. "Usually, when something like that happens around here, it's big news because it's a small place, a small area."

Black says noise from the incident was likely obscured by the usual commotion along the state line.

"There's a lot of traffic, big trucks, and you get used to big trucks," she adds. "You really don't hear them."

Today, the neighborhood knows it was Penny Jacobs of Portland who jumped from a car driven by husband Ken, after leaving the parking lot of this drive-in movie theater in Franklin.

The vehicle is believed to have been traveling 25 miles per hour at the time. What the neighborhood hasn't heard is exactly why Penny jumped from the car.

"No foul play is suspected at this time," says Deputy Sheriff Eddie Lawson of the Simpson County Sheriff's Department. "We do believe, though, that alcohol was a factor in this incident. I'm conducting the death investigation. My investigation continues, of course. We're waiting on the coroner's report, which should be about six to eight weeks."

Until that time, Black says she and others in this neighborhood will be waiting to hear an answer to their concerns.

"Things don't happen like that, close to you, but when something like that happens in your front yard, you wonder a lot about why, what happened," Black concludes.

Witnesses say they did not see any erratic driving from the Jacobs' vehicle before Penny jumped from the car.

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