Looking for Love: Part II

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Internet dating sites like "Match Dot Com" have seen a whopping 300 percent growth in use by folks over 50 since the year 2000.

Bob Arnold says, "I went to the bars for a little while, but I didn't like that deal. I don't mind bars, but going and looking for somebody you want to date long-term, I didn't find that to be what I was looking for."

Bob didn't find it on the Internet dating sites either, but he did find it on the personal profile sites. Bob also found his current love, Donna Duvall.

"We met, she drove, I drove. I don't blame her, that's the smart way. Women especially have to be very careful. I've got friends that have met and married after they saw each other, New York and England, happy. But I've had some friends that have had some very bad experiences, too."

So be careful with the information you give out, and the way you meet your cyber date. Marriage and family therapist, Vera Pruitt, explains how one woman made her Internet dating experiences safe and successful.

"She has her son take her to a restaurant to meet the person, and then her son picks her up and takes her back to his apartment, so she's very careful, but she's enjoyed the evenings she's spent with these people."

In part three of "Looking for Love, "we'll learn the psychology behind "baby boomers" cyber-dating, and see how deep the relationships they make over the Internet go.