Two Dead After Barren County Shooting

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"This is trouble that came to his doorstep, I don't think he invited it at all," says Fonda Hawks.

Fonda Hawks is talking about her next door neighbor, Richard Smith, who was murdered late Thursday night.

"Its someone who got angry and decided to take matters into his own hands," says Smith.

Hawks who didn't want to be shown on camera, says she didn't hear any of the gun shots that police say accompanied the murder suicide.

"The homeowner Richard Smith, was in his residence when Norman Preston allegedly unlawfully entered Smith's home and gunfire was exchanged, " says Trooper Jonathan M. Biven.

Police say Preston shot and killed Smith and than turned the gun on himself.

But before the gunfire, police say Smith called the sheriff's department and told them that Preston was driving up and down the road in front of his home.

Minutes later, a second phone call was placed and police say Smith reported Preston had stepped out of his truck and was headed towards the door with a gun.

"Approximately ten minutes later a phone call was made requesting a coroner," says Trooper Biven.

Because of the remote area of the shooting, police say they could not make it to the scene in time.

And Hawks whose lived on the land her entire life, says nothing like this has ever happened before.

"Its tragic, I still can't believe it happened," says Hawks.

She says she felt safe knowing Smith was close by and that he was nice, quiet neighbor.

"I just feel so sorry for his family, for his children, for his mother, for his extended family, its such a shock I can imagine, what they're dealing with right now, and just to pray for them, that God will comfort their grieving hearts," says Hawks.

The investigation is ongoing.