3 Juveniles Charged After Fight At Butler County Schools is Caught On Camera

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MORGANTOWN, Ky. (WBKO) - Three juveniles have been charged after a fight at a local school was caught on camera. Butler County School officials and police say fights aren't new in school, but what concerns them is students pulling out the video camera instead of stepping in.

"It's frustrating. It's concerning. Our number one priority is to try to protect our kids to the best of our ability. No principal, no teacher and no superintendent wants fights to occur," says Superintendent Scott Howard.

"I feel like it is just something that happens when you have 500 kids around each other everyday. We're just trying our best to stop it and the way to stop it is not turning your head to it," says Sheriff Scottie Ward.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office charged the students that were fighting with 4th degree assault. A student filming and instigating the fight was charged with disorderly conduct. One student is seen in the video attempting to break up the incident, but is then pushed away. That's where police say is the problem.

"Your crime states when you read the statue that when you have the crime that somebody else could actually stop you could be charged with the same crime," says Sheriff Ward.

Superintendent Scott Howard believes the fight was planned and involved an athletic team. Players told a bus driver they needed to be dropped off at the high school fieldhouse instead of the athletic field. Now changes are being made to prevent another unsupervised incident.

"We're going to install new cameras in the fieldhouse. So there are some things that came out of it that will be improvements down the road," says Superintendent Howard.

Howard says all students involved were also punished by the district.

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