Women's Camp Hopes to Break Cycle

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"These women are stepping forward and taking charge of their lives they're looking at ways they can educate themselves and they're looking at ways they can improve their life," said Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker.

By working together with other women and learning from each other.

"I learned no matter what kind of obstacles come up that I can keep going. We had several people share their stories where they overcame their struggles like being a low income parent and how they went to school to better their lives... That's what I'm trying to get out of it," said participant Janet Taylor. Taylor plans on going back to school to become a social worker.

While the moms enjoyed the camp, their children were just a few feet away in a camp of their own. That way the moms could focus on their activities such as painting, book discussions, and guest speakers.

"I was very excited as a woman mayor to talk to with these women many of whom are mothers about issues we all share and teach them something about city government," said Walker, one of the guest speakers at the camp.

"You'll learn something this week and hopefully take it with you. You know plant a seed now and it may take a while, but maybe that seed will take root and grow... and something good will come later," said Mary Ann Bokkon, camp coordinator.