Gov. Fletcher's Back From Vacation

Gov. Ernie Fletcher is back in Kentucky just days after his arraignment on three misdemeanor charges that he hired political allies for state jobs.

Fletcher says, "I was very pleased with the way that everything went there, and we do look forward to getting this thing over with."

The governor says he's not going to let the charges stop him from doing his job.

He says, "I can't let this, if you will, political debacle drive away the things that we're doing positive for Kentucky."

Gov. Fletcher says he still thinks Attorney General Greg Stumbo should be removed from prosecuting the case against him.

He says, "I think he has a major conflict of interest. He expressed interest in running for governor. You can't have someone handling a case against an individual at the same time running against that individual in a political campaign. That reeks to me, if you will, a conflict of interest."

Besides the criminal charges against him, Gov. Fletcher also has to start fundraising from scratch for the next election since Lt. Gov. Steve Pence has decided not to be his running mate.

Gov. Fletcher says he still thinks Pence should resign as lieutenant governor.