Volunteer Firefighters Feel the Gas Blues

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"When the call is made to 9-1-1 and our pagers go off and our radios go off, we have to respond from our homes, work, from any place that we are. So we have to respond in our personal vehicles," says Gott Volunteer Fire Chief, Craig Peay.

So when volunteer firefighters in our area gas up to respond to a call they do knowing that they will barely be reimbursed for the gas money used to get to a fire.

Currently, Warren County volunteers only receive 13 cents back for every dollar spent on gas.

And that has some wondering what effect this might have on the ability of the volunteers to perform.

"We feel that they may not be coming to training classes because its an out-of-pocket expense for the fire department. That's not a paid. We don't pay the fuel for that. But also the runs. Its important that we have enough manpower for those responses."

According to Peay, in his 21 years as a volunteer firefighter he's seen gas fluctuate but never like this.

In order to help out those firefighters, he's hoping that state officials can use their muscle to make the situation better.

"See if they can address some of the federal personnel maybe getting like i said the IRS to change it for 13 cents a mile for volunteers or mileage to raise that up because it hasn't been re-addressed in almost 15 years."