Culinary Camp

A pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, and 30 pairs of helping hands are what make the perfect recipe at Bowling Green Technical College's Culinary Camp.

The camp was formed to teach kids how to cook in a commercial kitchen and learn about nutrition at the same time.

Lisa Hunt, an instructor, says, "We've noticed through our working people and food and teaching nutrition, that there's really a lot of people out there that don't have nutrition information, and it's really impacting our kids."

The chefs are teaching the students how to make their favorite foods with a healthy twist.

Executive Chef Mike Riggs says, "They made the pizza dough, which is a wheat based dough, so it's healthier than normal dough. The cheeses we used were fat free cheeses, so we're showing them that they can make these things without a whole lot of fat in them."

The camp also has an ‘eight cups of water club’ to encourage the students to get the recommended daily amount.

Riggs says, "While they're here, we're trying to get them to quit drinking soda pops and fruit juice and just drink water everyday."

By being able to prepare their own snacks and lunch, the students are taking ownership in the different foods they cook.

Hunt says, "Once they're cooking, they're more likely to try it because they feel like they've had a part in it and they really are receptive to it."

The Culinary Camp runs through the end of this week. Bowling Green Technical College plans to offer the camp again next summer.