Warren County Residents Cast Absentee Ballots

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Election Day is only a month away, but nearly one-third of the electorate is expected to cast their votes before we reach November 4th.

Warren County Clerk's Office officials say you're qualified to vote absentee if you are expecting to be out of town on the election date or if you have surgery scheduled. In Warren County, the number taking advantage of the opportunity is on a steady climb.

"You wanna’ talk about chaos, you just look around campus, Secret Service wandering around, you know," says Belmont University Student Thomas Dooley. "My room was searched on Friday. They'll search again Tuesday.

Thomas is taking refuge in Bowling Green from the whirlwind surrounding his school's presidential debate Tuesday night.

"We have Friday through Thursday," Thomas explains. "I get off this past week and come back Thursday morning."

Heading in to cast his absentee vote at the Warren County Clerk's Office, Thomas found he's not alone.

"We have had 135 that have voted absentee," says Warren County Deputy Clerk Nancy Stacker. "Kentucky does not recognize early voting yet. You have to be out of town on the election date to be able to vote in the office."

Can these absentee voters be sure of their vote with another month of campaigning to go including a debate at Thomas's school?

"If something that drastic is going to come up for the next few weeks, I'll definitely be caught off guard," Thomas says. "So far, I know what each candidate stands for. I'm pretty confidant about that."

"I think due to the economy, due to the Iraq war, the war in Afghanistan, I think the choice is very clear," explains area resident Bill Bridgewater.

"I've listened to what both sides have had to say, what all four have had to say, and I just feel I know who the right folks should be," adds resident Jack Roberts.

"I'm very pleased that in America we have the opportunity to vote if we're going to be busy that day," says Carol Evans. "I will be busy that day, and I'm just glad my voice will be heard; my vote will be counted."

Monday also marked the last day for residents to register to vote or change their address. The deadline was 4 p.m.

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