Camp Invention

Young scientists are gathering to expand their minds at a very innovative camp.

Camp Invention encourages the students to open their minds and use their imaginations. The camp puts the students in different scenarios and challenges them to solve the issue.

Emma Hutter, a teacher, says, "It's basically helping them use the creative side of their brain to solve problems that in situations that they're not normally put in at a young age."

In one of the scenarios the students take everyday items to make a working roller coaster.

Cassie Harbison, a student, says, "We just finished making all of our amusement rides such as water slides and Ferris wheels out of simple things like foam and wire."

In another situation the kids work for a transportation company and they have to secure the passengers in a car.

Hutter says, "They create seat belts, and car seats, and ways to help keep their baby eggs and baby water balloons safe while they're driving."

The students even have the chance to do a little inventing of their own. Every child brings in broken appliances from around the house and creates something new.

Hutter says, "They may walk in with a typewriter and using some of those parts or all of those parts. It might be a broccoli thrower."

The teachers hope this camp encourages the students to use their imagination and realize anything is possible.

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