Economic Effects On Restaurants

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With the economy the way it is many are saving anything, anywhere they can, and for some that means dining out a little less.

We found out how business is faring for a couple of restaurants here in town.

"With our restaurant and many other restaurants, you can go around Bowling Green and see that there's not much difference. We have not felt it yet," said Mirza Osmanovic, the owner of Verdi. "I don't know what it's going to be later on in a year."

Many restaurants would agree that business hasn't been hit to hard here locally, and some would even say they are doing better now than they were at this time last year.

"They don't want to cut back just because the economy's bad," said Clayton Coulter, a manager at Buckhead Cafe. "They don't want to change their lifestyle, but instead of going out on a Saturday night and spending 50 or 60 dollars at a fine dining restaurant, they'd rather come here and spend maybe 15 or 20."

But the owners at Verdi would still like to attract more customers, so between holiday specials and other events they've decided on a few changes.

"We never did advertising whatsoever, and now we might need to take advertising into consideration," said Mirsad Osmanovic, the co-owner and chef of Verdi.

Advertising can help, but when it comes to restaurants advertising for others, some are losing business.

"We do an advertising business also here on our little pagers, and nobody wants to do it just because nobody's buying anything right now," said Coulter.

Verdi has scheduled a "50 Mile Dinner" to hopefully bring in more customers and help out in other ways by only using local food products from a 50 mile radius this Thursday.

"That's to attract people to buy locally which also is a part of economic things," said Mirsad Osmanovic. "That means the fuel is not wasted or the gas to bring from somewhere else."

"With this we can actually prove that we are willing to work with local owned businesses and that we should," said Mirza Osmanovic.

Those at Verdi say they're grateful to everyone for making the local "50 Mile Dinner" possible in hopes it will help our local economy.

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