Former WBKO Anchor Convicted

James "Jim" Burress is convicted of charges relating to money stolen from a Paducah bank. A federal jury returned a guilty verdict against Burress on Wednesday afternoon.

Federal prosecutors accused Burress of receiving, possessing, storing, spending, and hiding nearly $80,000 in stolen money. The money had been taken from the Clarks River Road branch of Union Planter's Bank by Burress's roommate, Travis Boothby. Boothby pleaded guilty to theft charges earlier in the week.

The theft took place on Jan. 16. On Jan. 17, the FBI showed up at the home shared by Burress and Boothby. After questioning Burress, the FBI conducted a search of the house. The money was found in a collapsible cooler in the garage.

FBI Special Agent Dick Glenn says after money was found, Burress admitted to knowing that the money was there. Burress says Boothby had returned home with the money late the night before. He says he thought the money had been won at the casino boat in Metropolis, Illinois.

Prosecutors in the case claim Burress knew the money was stolen all along. The prosecutors also pointed out that even if he didn't, he did know it was stolen once Agent Glenn showed up at this door and still he did nothing to reveal the money's presence. When asked why he did not come forward with information when Agent Glenn first arrived at his home, Burress said he, "did not want to be the one to send his best friend to jail."

It took the jury just less than two hours to reach a guilty verdict. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for both Burress and Boothby on July 25.