Sprinkler's Role in WKU Fire

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Western Kentucky University, along with other universities across the state, have renovated some dorms so that they now have sprinklers. According to Western officials, the fire at Murray accelerated plans to put sprinklers on every dorm room on campus.

Sprinklers were installed in Poland Hall just this past summer.

Fire officials say that those sprinklers may have kept Sunday's blaze in Poland Hall from spreading. Bowling Green Assistant Fire Chief Richard Storey says it is impossible to guess what would definitely have happened if sprinklers were not in Poland Hall. He says he's confident that the sprinkler in Katie Autrey's room did its job of keeping the fire inside the room early Sunday morning.

According to University Spokesperson Bob Skipper, Douglas Keen and Schneider Halls are the only two dorms on Western's campus that do not have sprinklers. Keen is scheduled for sprinkler installation this summer. Schneider Hall is not scheduled to have sprinklers put in at this time.