Blocked Websites

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The World Wide Web has gotten a little narrower for state employees. The government has made Internet sites in various categories, including a web log that has been critical of Governor Fletcher's administration, off-limits.

Mark Nickolas, who runs, said government officials targeted his site because of its political content. Nickolas has blasted the governor during the ongoing investigation into illegal hiring practices within Fletcher's administration.
The New York Times quoted Nickolas' blog in a story this week.

State officials, however, said they were not targeting particular sites, but entire categories to prevent inappropriate access.

Secretary of the Executive Cabinet, Robbie Rudolph says, "What it does is look at the sites that are visited the most and blocks those and puts them into different categories and Bluegrass was apart of that category. So there are a lot of blogs that were blocked effective this morning."

Rudolph also said that sites are blocked periodically and the government has been doing so since he has been in office.