Special Session Reaction

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"I think everybody had been communicated with that the Governor was going to issue the call tomorrow and while he didn't do it officially until today, members had already been making plans for their schedule," says (R) State Representative of the 9th District, Richie Sanders.

"We worked with the Governor's office. We were negotiating with the Senate between the House and Senate on this legislation. We told the Governor to wait to call the session until we reached an agreement so that we could get in and out of Frankfort very quickly," says (D) State Representative of the 22nd District, Rob Wilkey.

Several lawmakers say that since a tentative agreement has been worked out, they feel very optimistic that this special session on tax cuts for small businesses will be brief in order to save taxpayers' money.

"Yes we are in agreement on the tax plan and reducing the taxes for small, medium, and large corporations and everybody is in agreement and hopefully we can have it done by the...towards the end of next week," notes Secretary of the Executive Cabinet, Robbie Rudolph.

"The tax bill, the primary purpose of the session. There's agreement... there's agreement on both sides of the issues that were being discussed during the end of the last session," says (R) State Senator for Bowling Green, Brett Guthrie.

With the Tax Relief bill all but settled, some believe that the session may allow other pieces of legislation to be introduced.

"Well we're hopeful that they're maybe some other things added to the session. There's some economic development projects that are important to this area of the state and we're talking to administrators about possibly getting some things added to the call," says Rep. Sanders.

When asked if they feel they will have enough lawmakers for a quorum when the special session begins tomorrow, all four men said they believe that enough will be present to meet quorum.