SKYPAC and City Discuss Possible Timeline

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Several members of the Skypac volunteer committee discussed the possibility of a timeline for the project with committee member and mayor, Elaine Walker.

Mayor Walker noted that the City Commission over the past few weeks has expressed concern that the project was at a stalemate and wanted to place a timeframe or at least a plan for when the estimated 42 million dollar project would be complete or the City would consider terminating its contract with SkyPac.

SkyPac board members challenged with the fact that a timeline was not mentioned in the original agreement.

Members of the board also argued that they are trying to get funding for the project, but they would not be able to give a specific date.

"She was expressing a concern that has been mentioned by the commissioners and just wanted to make our board aware that there needs to be some movement. I would hope that once we show them we are moving that the commission will get on board," says SkyPac member Cheryl Blaine.

They also shot back at the City Commission for what they say is "negativity" towards the project since only 3 of the current Commissioners voted to go ahead with the project last year.

But by the end of the meeting both sides agreed to meet, along with Western Kentucky University to reach a compromise that would benefit everyone.