Five Arrests Made in Area Arsons

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Bowling Green Fire Chief, Gerry Brown, says: "Over the past winter and early spring we had a series of fires in one central section of our city alongside WKU's campus and off to the west of the hill primarily."

Those fires include the April 23 fire at Cherry Hall. Now four juveniles and one adult are in custody charged with second degree arson and complicity.

Warren County Attorney, Amy Milliken, says: "Some of the juveniles have multiple arson counts. Two specifically were involved in the Cherry Hall fire. Two juveniles were involved with that."

The arrests are part of a group investigation led by the WKU Police Department and Bowling Green Fire Department. According to the Commonwealth Attorney, Chris Cohron, 22-year-old Jason Green did not play a role in the Cherry Hall fire but he did have some involvement in the others.

Cohron says: "Jason Green, right now, has been charged with two counts of arson second degree and second degree by complicity."

The other fires took place over the course of the last six months with the first two being on December 16 in abandoned houses on Park and Center Streets. All four of the juveniles are 15 years old but Milliken says based on the seriousness of the crime, they will most likely be tried as adults.

Two firefighters were injured while fighting the fires and Chief Brown wants everyone to recognize the danger that arsonists pose.

Brown says: "I see arson as a personal threat, a personal front. I want to make sure everyone knows arson is a violent crime. Arson certainly threatens everything the flames can reach."

There was a monetary reward being offered for information in the Cherry Hall fire, but WKU police say no one aided enough to receive it. They say it was a group effort from several different agencies that resulted in these arrests.