Warren County Child Support Funding Cut

Several county attorneys across the Commonwealth are looking at their options after finding out part of their child support funding will be cut.

Almost five percent of the Warren County Attorney's budget has been slashed.

The case workers in Warren County Attorney Amy Milliken's office are currently handling 6,700 cases.

"With that number and with 10 caseworkers you can imagine their caseload,” says Milliken.

Milliken says she recently learned that around five percent of her office's child support funding would be cut. That equals around $30,000.

"It is not devastating to our program. It's not something that will cause us to shut down. I won't let that happen,” says Milliken.

The cuts may affect the length of time it takes a case to get through the system and it may be longer for custodial parents to get into court.

"I'm not going to be able to offer overtime to my employees,” Milliken adds.

Milliken says each county's spending patterns were looked at and that determined which ones would receive cuts.

"If it appeared you were going to have any excess sums, they took the excess for the next fiscal year,” Milliken says.

Milliken says her office wasn't going to have an excess sum, "We have to retain a certain amount of money to make it through the end of the fiscal year and we were doing, in my opinion, proper planning."

Milliken says the frustrating part is that the children of Warren County are going to be the ones affected by the cuts, "The very sad thing about this is these children are the most vulnerable children in the Commonwealth. They're not getting the support they need. They're not getting the medical insurance provided like they need.”

Milliken says expenses are also going up for her office. She says retirement is going up to almost 14 percent. Right now it's almost 11 percent.