GM Retirees Plans

Over 300 hourly employees of the Bowling Green Corvette Plant have opted to take General Motor's early retirement or attrition plan.

Bowling Green's Plant Manager, Wil Cooksey, says the company is reducing the workforce to become more competitive.

He says this plan is a win-win situation for both the employees and the company. Cooksey says: "What some are doing is saying is this is great. This helps General Motors and it also helps us."

Nationally 35 thousand employees took the deal, surpassing the company's goal of 30 thousand.

Martha Tackett has been with the General Motors Plant for 22 years.

Martha says when she discovered she qualified for the company's early retirement plan, she and her husband began to calculate numbers.

She says: "We talked it over and the numbers came up right."

Roscoe Echols also decided to take the plan.

He says his co-workers had mixed reactions to the early retirement plan, but he feels he made the right decision.

He says: "I'm really going to enjoy the time that I've spent here in Bowling Green, and working at GM, and meeting a lot of people and finding new life here in Bowling Green."

While both Roscoe and Martha plan to spend more time with their families, Martha wants to travel, while Roscoe plans to stay a little closer to home on his farm.

Both say they'll miss the friends they've made at work and they plan to keep in touch.

Tackett plans to retire at the end of August while Echols' last day is this Friday.