Soldier's Wife

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Independance Day is this week and celebrations are taking place nationwide to honor those soldiers still overseas and those preparing to deploy.

Locally, thirty more soldiers from the Kentucky National Guard's 2nd Battalion 123rd Armor will deploy on August 1st, bringing the total now to 320 soldiers from our area that are currently deployed.

The deployments are not only hard on the soldiers, but also on the families and a song written by one local soldier's wife is now taking on a new meaning.

Kim Farley has seen her husband, Mike Farley, deploy before. He is the Lieutenant Colonel for the 2nd Battalion 123rd Armor and she and her two sons are now getting ready for his second long deployment.

Unlike the first deployment Kim now has something to hold on to that she didn't have before. She wrote a song called "Soldier's Wife" after her husbands first long deployment to Bosnia, that has now become her anthem.

"I wrote it because there were so many soldier songs, which i'm grateful for. Soldiers need to be recognized in every way but there was really nothing written for the family, and I being a 17-year military wife felt like I would know how to put that into words", says Farley.

Kim wrote the song and says a friend from chuch, Dana Reed, helped her combine music to her lyrics. She sent the song to a friend in Texas to perform to explain what families of soldiers many times go through.

The friend, Holly Confer, had been in the military before and became close to Kim when their husbands were deployed to Bosnia. Holly loved the song and it ended up on her cd.

"The first time I heard it I had to walk out of the room. It touched my heart. It reminded me of how important the family is and of how much she loves me and respects what I do", says Lieutenant Colonel Mike Farley.

Farley says he understands just what his family is going through and just how hard being gone is on the families.

"I do think it's harder for the family to me than it is for the soldier, and when she wrote this song it reminded me of everything i'm missing while i'm gone", says Mike Farley.

"It's very important for a soldier to know that i've got you covered while you're gone. I'm taking care of our family and the home and i'm very proud of what you're doing and i'm gonna be right here when you walk back through the door", says Kim Farley.

For this family, it's a song that is taking on a new meaning with Farley's next deployment less than a month away.

Right now with him leaving it brings a new meaning. I never intended for that song to become my anthem", says Kim Farley.

"It's not just a song that you can listen to, but it hits home. It really hit's home and it solidifies not only the soldiers love for their family but the sacrifices made which is quite remarkable", says Mike Farley.