Giant Flag

An area family is taking time to honor the soldiers at the time of our nation's 230th birthday.

They dedicated a giant flag to them.

This is the third year the Burr family has taken on the task of painting a giant, four acre flag in its yard.

Doris Burr says, "We just want to show America and show everyone, the troops overseas and even the ones working here in the United States that we are truly behind all of them."

The Burr family says the flag has received plenty of attention and several visitors.

Doris says: "We've had people that have family in the service and they'll come and tell is their story."

Doris says the stories are what bring the meaning of the flag to life.

"Our hearts go out to the families and the troops that are over there now, dealing with what they have to deal with, the harm that they see, the danger they're in."

Last year two Black Hawk helicopters filled with soldiers visited the flag and shot aerial pictures, so everyone could see the enormity of the project.