Broadband Internet for Public Safety Workers

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In a race against time, public safety officials need information and they need it fast.

So the city is going high-tech to ensure your safety.

"Fire and police personnel would have some type of laptop in their vehicles to access applications that we already offer on our wired network," says Senior Systems Engineer for the City's Information Technology Department, Steve Milam.

"It enables safety officers out in the field to be able to access information that they need. It also allows headquarters, for example, if there's a fire and we want to know where a truck is, we can immediately identify the nearest truck and send them to that fire," agrees Bowling Green Mayor, Elaine Walker.

Milam says once the project is ready to go these online devices could be scattered throughout Bowling Green within a year's time.

"We have looked at initially placing 125. That's access through the corridor or access to major thoroughfares. It will take several more to get complete coverage through the city limits."

The city is currently looking for vendors to create this online community for public safety officials.

Mayor Walker says the City is in talks of making these "online hubs" accessible to citizens as well, allowing people to get on-line from anywhere in town.

"Its critical that people have access to technology and again, if we can provide it whether they're sitting at Fountain Square Park or whether they're in their office or on the road, then that really is a benefit to the citizens and a benefit for the city."