Aviation Heritage Park

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"We want to be sure this park is a beautiful place, everyone can be proud of, that you'll be pleased to visit, and a major tourist attraction, and host school groups on a regular occasion." That’s the goal of "Aviation Heritage Park. To kick off their fundraising efforts, they unveiled Dan Cherry's reconditioned F4-D Phantom-II.

Cherry piloted a phantom during his second tour of duty with the air force, flying out of Thailand into North Vietnam. On April 16, 1972, he shot down a MIG 21 and flew past the pilot as he parachuted down.

"And so the whole purpose of Aviation Heritage Park is to tell the stories to inspire young people to follow their dreams, possibly consider some field of aviation as a profession, but more importantly to realize it's just people who have done these remarkable things, are just people like they are, and that they can do it too, and here's evidence of that."

"Aviation Heritage Park" will be constructed at the corner of Smallhouse and Three Springs Roads in "Basil Griffin Park."