Man Charged With Prostitution Could be Extradited to Bowling Green

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Warren County Commonwealth Attorney, Chris Cohron, says: "We have received word that Mr. Thomason has been arrested in Indianapolis for some sex related charges."

James Brian Thomason is no stranger to sex related charges. The 41-year-old is HIV positive and was arrested in Warren County in 2002 and charged with prostitution.

Cohron says: "During the investigation there had been some complaints filed regarding an inordinate amount of traffic from his house. Through the course of the investigation there had come information regarding the solicitation of sex for money."

At that time an undercover officer went in and Thomason was arrested for prostitution. Thomason pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years probation because of the high cost of treating his illness while he was incarcerated. Thomason moved to this house in Indianapolis while he was on probation. Cohron says he was cooperating well with his probation officer, and had even had his level of probation lowered, when he was arrested in Indiana.

Because Thomason is HIV positive the charges of prostitution could carry a much harsher penalty.

Cohron says: "If an individual is HIV positive there are many different charges they can face, up to attempted murder. That has been a charge that has been viable for an individual that has knowingly been HIV positive and had sexual contact with an individual."

Cohron says he doesn't believe Thomason has any remorse for subjecting others to HIV and believes the only option for him now is incarceration.

Cohron says he is working with the Indianapolis Police Department to have Thomason extradited back to Kentucky for revocation of his bond.

He is also recommending the two-year sentence for Kentucky be added to any convictions Thomason faces in Indiana.