American Rubber Closing?

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"We've asked an haven't been told officially that we're closing."

"But after nearly a year of rumors about the closing of American Rubber Products, 17-year employee Larry Allen says he and his co-workers recently began to see signs of truth in them.

"Definitely as of 2 months ago that we started knowing that our work orders were slowing down and that we were told a couple of days in advance that there would be some machines being moved out along with the molds."

But Allen says they still haven't heard official word from the company's corporate office in Indiana.

In the past six months some employees have already left the plant and they're positions remain vacant.

But on the close of business on Friday, everyone there could be out of a job.

"Just unofficially we've been told that that will be the last day of production. That we'd no longer be employed."

In a phone interview with WBKO, Morgantown Mayor Charles Black says the owner of A.R.P. has told him the business will cease operations and be put up for sale.

This would be the third factory in several years to close up shop in Morgantown and would put 53 people out of jobs.

For Allen the future is uncertain, but one thing that isn't is what he feels him and his co-workers are owed by American Rubber.

"We would still like to have official word. Out of just respect for us as a workforce. Legally, we may not have that right but just as a clear conscious."

Despite numerous calls....WBKO was unable to talk with anyone from American Rubber.

Allen says a group of employees are currently looking into whether American Rubber could legally close without giving its employees proper notice.