32ND National Corvette Homecoming Held at Sloan Convention Center

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Many celebrated the Corvette today as the 32ND National Corvette Homecoming continued at the Sloan Convention Center throughout the afternoon.

For years the homecoming has been known for car shows, but as time goes by they've evolved into a multitude of activities including seminars, the famous road tour, and a farewell dinner party.

The annual event which attracts corvette enthusiasts from across the country is also a boost for Bowling Green's economy.

"There's a lot of ways it contributes. People coming to see how beautiful the city is number one, and number two it's money, and that's kind of the bottom line for a lot of things. It puts people in our gas stations, in our restaurants, in our motes, and Walmart's, Kmart's, and places like that," says Joe Pruitt, Owner of the Homecoming.

Pruitt says the event continues to grow and he hopes to continue the homecoming for years to come.

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