Triple Murder and Suicide

Kentucky State Police say Wendell Bratcher of Louisville shot and killed Stanley and Betty Hayse of Caneyville Sunday night.

The shooting took place last night at the couple's home at 210 Lawrence Hayse Road.

Police say Bratcher was the couple's brother-in-law.

Bratcher's nine-year-old granddaughter was also in the house at the time of shooting, but was not injured.

After killing the couple, police say Bratcher took his granddaughter to her mother's house in Butler County.

He then drove to his mother-in-law, Clara Brook's, home in Butler County and police say that's when he killed her before turning the gun on himself.

Residents of Caneyville and Morgantown are still shocked this kind of violence has entered their small towns.

Friends and neighbors of Stanley and Betty Hayse and Clara Brooks say they were kind, hardworking people who never bothered anyone.

Wendel Embry says he's still surprised that police are saying his friends Stanley and Betty Hayse were murdered by their brother-in-law.

Embry says: "They was always just friendly people, hardworking, didn't bother anybody."

Clara Brooks' neighbor Norma Alford says she's been neighbors with brooks for 15 years and has nothing but praise for her.

Alford says: "She was an angel to me. She was kind, soft-spoken, loved everybody."

Norma says she can't believe something like this could happen to her friend.

She says: "She was a Christian lady and she's in a better place and to me that's the best way to look at it."

The visitation for Stanley and Betty Hayse and Clara Brooks will be Wednesday at noon at Chapel Union Baptist Church. The service will be at 2:00 on Thursday at the church. The Hayse family will be buried at Simpson Cemetery. Brooks will be buried at Chapel Union Cemetery.