The Waiting Game: Part Two

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There's no doubt about it. Waiting is a key part of infertility. Waiting for test results as doctors evaluate both male and female factors. Waiting to see if artificial insemination was successful. Or waiting for the adoption process to be complete. But there are some phenomenons even doctors can't explain.

How often have you heard of an infertile couple conceiving a child shortly after completing an adoption?

Dr. Karen Lyons has been practicing obstetrics and gynecology for four years. She says there's not always a medical answer.

A few years into their marriage, Preston and Sheryl Miller discovered fertility problems plagued them both. Both worked feverishly to correct the problem.

Sheryl had surgery for endometriosis. That's a scarring of tissue outside the uterine cavity. Preston had surgery to increase his sperm count. Still, after years of trying, no baby.

Sheryl says it was actually a relief to hear the doctor confirm their fears. The Millers say they had planned to adopt from day one, so they proceeded in that direction. And in April, 2001, they welcomed their son Scott from Korea. He was six months old. What happened four years later was nothing short of a medical miracle.

Just as the Millers were preparing to send in paperwork for a second international adoption, Sheryl got some unbelievable news.

"It was ready to be signed and notarized when I found out I was pregnant. I was like, I’m what?"

Needless to say, the millers were shocked and elated. Baby Cathryn was born into the family just over a year ago. As for future siblings, Sheryl says those adoption papers are probably still going to be sent. And if another baby comes, the Millers say the more the merrier.

The Millers, along with two other couples were instrumental in starting an infertility support group five years ago. The group is called Hopeful Hearts and meets once a month at Living Hope Baptist Church. For more 799-1505.