Aquaculture in Kentucky

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Soy beans, corn and catfish?

"We produce catfish, we process catfish and we retail catfish."

Bobby and Teresa Lindsey are looking to other types of farming to replace the money tobacco used to bring in. They started "Gone Fishin' Inc." just a year ago in Butler County.

"Our catfish compared to what our tobacco was, our catfish ponds making as much if not more. It’s a lot less intensive than tobacco."

The state gave Gone Fishin' funds to get another live hauling tank. Take a look at the video attached to this story to see what they look like. They're vital to Gone Fishin's success because they transport live fish from the pond directly to the plant.

"All of our product must be live when we receive it. We don't do dead product."

The Lindsey's say they need four tanks since they're now traveling to producers from Edmonson, Grayson, Barren, Butler and Breckinridge counties to pick up their fish.

"We need live have tank to keep fish alive and healthy."

Teresa Lindsey says Kentuckians spend more than $560 million each year eating seafood.
That's about $14 a person. Reports show four percent is Kentucky raised. Farmers say your dollars could be going back into Kentucky's economy if you buy Kentucky-raised seafood.

To try Kentucky raised seafood go to Gone Fishin'
3319 Bowling Green Road
Morgantown, KY 42261