Area Gym Closes Leaving Unanswered Questions

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Corey Everson's Fitness for Women recently received an eviction notice and say they don't have the money to keep the business up and running.

Many members argue the business may be running away with their money. Corey Everson has nearly 2,500 members, many of which who knew nothing about the closing until Monday.

While some customers pay a monthly fee, others purchased year-long workout/tanning packages, paying hundreds of dollars up front. By law, the company is supposed to refund the unused portion of those yearly payments and say they are planning to do so.

Some fitness experts say the closure may cast a negative light on remaining fitness facilities. Experts suggest paying on a month-to-month basis and researching the facility thoroughly before joining.

If a similar situation has happened to you, you can report the action to the Attorney General's Office.

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