Skate Park Construction to Begin Soon?

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Commissioner Brian "Slim" Nash says that only one step is left before construction can begin and that’s hiring a contractor.

Nash says that should be completed the first week of August.

Then construction will begin quickly afterwards.

"Obviously we are working with a contractor's schedule, but it is my hope that we'll see construction that week, the following Tuesday or at the very latest, the middle of the week."

Recently many trees that occupied the area of Roland Bland Park, some dedicated by families to their loved ones, were moved in order to make way for the skater attraction.

"Parks and Rec contacted all of them and provided them essentially two options and that was that the tree could be moved to another location or park or the tree could be moved to another place on their property."

Nash says Wednesday contractors can begin bidding on the project.

Once construction begins Nash says the contractor will have a 90-day window to complete the skate park.