Franklin Motocross Champ

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""A lot of people, thousands try to go to Loretta Lynns only 42 get to go." Austin Gregory's mother explains what Loretta Lynns is exactly.

When you think of a place called Loretta Lynn's you might think of country music or country cooking for that matter!

But it's actually the destination of thousands of amateur dirt-bike competitors world-wide.

"This is when he'll get noticed hopefully by a lot of people."

This might be the ride of his life.

Austin got his start at Balance Moto-X in Oakland. He's been riding since he was four years old.

The Franklin Favorite reports there were 20,000 entries from across the U.S. who spent the past four months trying to qualify for the event.

When we asked Austin what his favorite part about racing was, he said the table tops. The Hurricane Mills course has a variety of jumps and other obstacles.

The race is August 1 - 5 in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.