Veteran Gets Back Dog Tags

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37 years ago, a rocket hit a Vietmanese building where Freddie Ford and other soldiers were leaving several dead and Ford in the hospital with schrapnel wounds.

After a few x-rays, Ford was ready to leave the hospital but he felt like he was missing something.

"When I got ready to get out of the hospital, I didn't have any dog tags. I had my watch and ring and other things like that, but there was no dog tags. So they had to have me some more made up."

Months later, Ford returned home and forgot about his missing dog tags.

Until recently when he got a phone call from a man in New Hampshire.

"He said, "was you in Vietnam?"

I said, "Yes, I was."

I thought this was just someone cutting up.

He said, "Well, I've got your dog tags."

Ford was still skeptical.

"Even when he told me he was going to send it, thought he was
just talking. He won't send it, but he really did."

Less than a week later, Ford's dog tag was back in his hands.

"I was by myself when I opened that up and I saw that dog tag and I thought about what he went through with them when he was wearing that dog tag," says his wife, Portia.

"I was glad to get it back because it was the original. They gave me two more but they're not the original," says Freddie Ford.

Ford and his wife say that the minister who found his dog tag on a trip to Vietnam has done a good thing returning the missing dog tag to its owner.

"I think its great. We talked to him on the phone and he said it was a type of ministry for him," says Portia.

"He's a super-nice guy on the phone. I know that. I'd like to meet him someday," says Ford.

Ford and his wife say the minister from New Hampshire regularly makes trips to Vietnam in order to find veteran's dog tags.

He then finds their owners and sends them the tags.

Ford says the man found his missing tag in a shop 75 miles from where Ford was stationed and purchased it for a dollar.