DNA Comes to the Area

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"We are a private paternity testing company. Actually, we are the first private paternity testing company in the nation."

This a unique business that according to Leonard Reed has many advantages.

"Normally when you would call to get a paternity test you would get a 1-800 number, call another state, set up an appointment with someone to collect the samples. Now you have a local presence, a local phone."

Reed says the business can use its DNA capabilities in forensics work for the court system as well.

The company offers evidence screenings and blood and semen detection among other things.

"Not only do we test forensic DNA, we re-test. If a lawyer has evidence he thinks has been contaminated, we will re-test it again to make sure that nothing has happened during the original testing."

The company also works with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization to prove biological relationships for immigration purposes in over 168 different countries.

He notes that cases he sees range from recent to as old as thirty years.

"What we're finding now is that people are not calling with new paternity issues but questions they've been having for 30 years, now they can get the answers local."

All of it is as simple as the swabbing of your mouth.

For more information on DNA Services of America, call (270) 781-4020 or check out this link.