Rules of the Road

The roads of South Central Kentucky will soon be a little more crowded as 174 Warren County School buses hit the road to escort kids to and from school.

John Odom, the Transportation Director for Warren County Schools says: "The main thing for us is safety for our kids we strive for safety year round."

Before you take to the streets, there are a few rules that bus drivers want you to be aware of. Odom says: "When you see the bus expect it to stop first thing, distance yourself from the bus, expect the stop arm to come out."

When the stop arm does come out, the drivers in Warren County will be looking out for drivers who run past it.

Last year the bus drivers began reporting the license plates of cars that ran the stop arms. Odom says that action made the violations go down in his district, but his drivers are working to continue to lower the number of violations. He says: "We still average three, three probably a week, which is too many. One is too many when it comes to the safety of young kids."

Odom says last year his drivers reported 80 to 90 stop arm violations in the Warren County School District alone.

Besides paying close attention while you're around buses, Odom wants drivers to watch their speed in school zones, especially since some walk to and from school. He says: "Be careful with the kids. The kids, some of them cross the street in different areas to walk to school."

The drivers hope by making everyone aware of the rules of the road, their precious cargo will be safe on their daily trips.

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