Adair County Schools Delays Start

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While students in the Adair County School District enjoy extra time off this summer, construction workers are putting in overtime to complete the new Adair County Elementary School.

At a noon meeting of the Adair County School Board, the board agreed unanimously to postpone the start of the up-coming school year by two weeks.

Students in Adair County will now start school August 24 instead of august tenth like originally planned. According to the school district's superintendent Darrell Treece the board's attorney is looking into possible penalties to venture contracting out of Glasgow for the major delays and set backs.

Daryl Wheeler, President of Venture Contracting, says class could have started on time but the gymnasium, cafeteria, kitchen, and media center would not be ready.

Wheeler told the board the cafeteria and kitchen should be ready in about a week but could not give a definite completion date on the school's gym.