WKU's New Background Check Policy

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Although the university is 100 years old and has employed thousands over the years, it has been without a uniform background check policy.

"Prior to the latest policy, the university did not do background checks except in areas where children may have been involved: health care, police department, certain areas like that."

Tony Glisson of the Western's Human Resources office says any person who applies for any job on campus, from faculty and staff to temporary workers and student employees will be subject to a background check.

The policy states that those who leave university employment for more an extended period of time only to return would still have to go through a check.

"According to our policy issue, if a person leaves employment and doesn't return for a period longer than 24 months, we will do another check. If they return to work within a 24-month period then we will not do another check."

The university has hired a third-party company called Hire Right to conduct the background checks.

Glisson says the circumstances and details of the conviction along with other key factors will be looked over to decide whether that particular crime could keep someone from getting a job at the school.

" We will also look at the duration of time. How much time has passed since that particular incident. We'd also look at whether that conviction and crime occurred during the course of or related to a prior employment situation."

Glisson says the policy took effect on July 12 and anyone hired after that date will be subject to a background check.

WKU will also use their website to make the background check process easier for applicants.